Launching Food Supplements in EU Countries – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland

Launching Food Supplements in EU Countries – Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Poland

The webinar was successfully concluded on

January 24, 2024

Topics Covered:

  • Brief introduction of Natural Health Products (NHPs) in Canada
  • Standards regulating NHPs in Canada
  • Pre-requisites for marketing NHPs in Canada
  • NHPID database
  • NHP labeling requirements
  • Claims regulations for NHPs
  • Evidence requirements for safety, quality, and efficacy
  • Post licensing audits
  • Site License Application (SLA)
  • Freyr competencies

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Sakshi Grover is a Regulatory professional with eleven (11) years of experience in the Food and Nutraceuticals industry.

Sakshi, a food scientist by profession, has worked with the Indian food regulators – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for four (04) years. For the last seven (07) years, she has been working for the food industry in Regulatory compliance and launching products in global markets. Her core set of competencies include Regulatory Strategy and Solutions, Regulatory Support for Global Projects, Product Compliance, and Compliance Audits for the Food and Nutraceuticals Industry.


Francesco Digianni is an industrial biotechnologist with six (06) years of experience in the Food industry in the fields of Regulatory Affairs and Food Safety. His experience in the Food Industry includes two (02) years in the R&D of new probiotic strains from plant-based food matrices for the development of new functional strains for the fermentation industry. He has four (04) years of experience in the Regulatory assessment of food ingredients and finished products, labeling, and market access activities for Food Business Operators (FBOs) in the European Union (EU).


Sakshi Grover


Francesco Di Gianni