Regulatory Landscape of Foods and Health Functional Foods In the South Korean market

Food and Dietary Supplements Market Entry Challenges and Solutions - Japan

The webinar was successfully concluded on

April 17, 2024

What Is It All About?

Thank you for your interest in Freyr’s Webinar Series (FWS). The webinar ‘Food and Dietary Supplements Market Entry Challenges and Solutions - Japan’ was concluded on April 17, 2024. Here is an archived version for your perusal.  

Briefly, during the webinar, our presenters – Giulio Libertini, Patricia Bader-Johnston, and Etsuko Ogawa, discussed the following:

  • Regulatory Status of Food and Dietary Supplements in the Market.
  • Process for Importing Food and Dietary Supplements.
  • Regulatory Challenges and Solutions.
  • Freyr Regulatory Services for Japan.

As a continuous practice, Freyr organizes more webinar sessions related to Regulatory aspects of Life Sciences. We presume you would like to be a part of all those sessions. If yes, let us have an opportunity to inform you about our next session.  


Giulio Libertini is a Regulatory Specialist and biologist with a solid background in public health and food safety. In 2010, he started working as a Regulatory professional, gaining valuable experience with Health Authorities (HAs) and Regulatory bodies. He has four (04) years of experience in food compliance and labeling of food supplements, fortified foods, and foods for specific groups, with successful projects in several different countries. His primary expertise is food compliance evaluation along with food labeling, Regulatory submissions, and nutritional/health claims.


Patricia Bader-Johnston has hands-on experience in healthcare services and consulting firms with a focus on pharma, medical devices, and healthcare solutions, with many years of experience in Regulatory affairs across industries as a senior corporate executive, as well as brand marketing and sales experience. A Regulatory expert with 20+ years of experience, she is responsible for the assurance of Regulatory compliance in Freyr.


Etsuko Ogawa is a Regulatory professional with 20+ years of experience in consumer products Regulatory affairs. She has experience in the preparation and submission of registration dossiers for consumer and medicinal products, submission of variation, and renewal applications to the Health Authority (HA), translation of chemical reports, product information, bulletins, MSDS, certificates of analysis, specifications, technical sheets and medical - CIOMS, Clinical Study Reports (CSRs), protocols, CTD, inquiries, packaging insert, and medical writing.

Hosted By

Giulio Libertini

Deputy Manager - Regulatory Affairs (FDS)

Presented By

Patricia Bader-Johnston

Director - RoW Business Development

Presented By

Etsuko Ogawa

Senior Manager - Consumer Regulatory Affairs