Thanks for your interest on Freyr’s webinar - “Medical Device Registrations – A Global Perspective” – Part 2 Middle East, held on September 27. 2017.

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27th Sep. 2017

What is it all about?

Giving you the best of Middle East medical devices market, right from decoding the classification, intelligence on required documentation and registration procedures and approval timelines, this webinar will give you a comprehensive outlook on the Middle East Medical Devices Regulatory landscape. Points discussed in the webinar include:

  • Introduction to Middle East and North Africa  (MENA) Geography
  • Middle East Region Facts and MENA Health Authorities
  • Medical Device Classification(s) in different MENA Region
  • MENA Regulated/Semi/Non- Regulated Countries
  • The Medical Device Registration Processes & Authority-to-Authority Differentiation
  • Challenges and Potential Roadblocks for International Companies
  • Questions and Answers Session with the Middle East Medical Device RA Expert