Food Supplement Registration in Singapore

Food Supplement Registration in Singapore - Overview

In Singapore, food and supplements fall under the purview of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). The import and sale of these products in Singapore are governed by the Sale of Food Act and the Singapore Food Regulations. Importers must ensure that their products comply with the Singapore Food Regulations and labeling requirements as per the SFA guidelines. Meanwhile, medicinal and other health-related products are regulated under the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) regulations; including Western medicinal products, Chinese proprietary medicines, and cosmetic products.

The classification of products that lie at the food-health product interface is a challenging one, as it is dependent on various factors. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and Health Sciences Authority (HSA) have developed a classification tree to assist companies in determining the likely classification of their product.

With a strong understanding of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and Health Sciences Authority (HSA) regulations for food products, Freyr helps manufacturers in food supplement registration with SFA and compliantly take their food and food supplements to the Singapore market.

Food Supplement Registration in Singapore


  • Food Product Classification/Food Supplement Classification.
  • Food Product Compliance.
  • Formula Review/Ingredients Assessment.
  • Label and Claims Review.
  • Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Report.
  • Regulatory Strategy.
  • Product-specific Updates on the Regulatory Guidelines/Standards.
  • Import Guidance.
  • SFA Food License Application.
  • Novel Food Enquire Submission and Registration.
  • Food Supplement Registration SFA.


  • End-to-end Regulatory consultation.
  • Complete compliance support and launch guidance, providing step-by-step understanding of the process of food supplement registration with SFA.
  • A qualified team of experts with hands-on experience across all categories of foods like health supplements, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, Health Functional Foods (HFFs), health functional beverages, Foods for Special Dietary Use (FSDU), etc.
  • Support in region-specific Regulatory activities.
  • An extensive partnership network across the globe.
  • A strong relationship with various Health Authorities (HAs).

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