Freyr Wins a Strategic Labeling Management Project

Freyr has won a strategic labeling management project from a global $1+ Bn, Pharmaceutical Company, which manufactures and markets generic formulation products and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Under the scope of the project, Freyr will develop and manage the client’s Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS). Freyr will deploy a technology solution for management of CCDS by leveraging the OpenText platform. “Latest Technology driving world-class Regulatory solutions and services will continue to be our primary focus in creating success for our clients,” commented Sudheer Sagar, VP Operations, Freyr.

Freyr will leverage strong industry knowledge and expertise supporting further enhancement of global competitiveness and reduce operating costs through management of the client’s global labeling management activities. The strategic deal enables Freyr to associate with one of the Top 100 global Generics Company while making inroads into emerging global markets.