When it comes to personal care and cosmetic products, cosmetic manufacturers must adhere to the safety and efficacy Regulations to make sure their products are safe for consumption. But, with their continuous focus on new inventions to meet the market and competitive demands of consumers’ ever-growing beauty consciousness and their ingredient choices, manufacturers may miss out keeping a tab on the emerging Regulatory trends. Thus, getting affected by incompliant procedures and delay in product approvals and untimely market-entry.

To stay on par with the industry standards, there is a dire need for the cosmetics companies to modernize their compliance playbook. Following the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) alone may not help. They are required to adapt to the new technology trends and adopt intelligence-driven systems that streamline and complement their Regulatory efforts. They should look at the new automated processes in terms of collecting information, analyzing it with existing procedures, and validating the data for successful submissions. They should explore the effective ways of using technology and:

  • Evaluate how the most agile companies are using technology to meet compliance and regulatory needs
  • Explore how to modernize collaboration during the audit process
  • Examine how individuals in multiple locations are working together to deal with testing and auditing

But how? Where to start? If you are once such cosmetics manufacturer willing to modernize your compliance playbook, and willing to adopt new technologies and adapt to new trends, kindly note the collaboration is the “new normal” in cosmetics compliance. Join us for the discussion on Modernizing Compliance Playbook at IQPC’s Cosmetic Compliance Spring 2019 on April 25, 2019 or reach us at sales@freyrsolutions.com


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