Are you sure that your cosmetic products or their ingredients are safe for the environment? It’s alarming to hear climatic challenges faced by the world. Maintaining climatic health is one of the major concerns for every individual, and many revolutionary changes have been adopted across various parts of the world to slow down the effects of climate change. To align with the same, Europe as a continent has initiated the European Green Deal. The proposal is supposed to directly generate a new growth strategy and transform the EU into an eco-friendly and a competitive economy. As per this new proposal, there would be no net emission of greenhouse gases by 2050. The main intention of  the European Green Deal is to make the European economy sustainable by focusing on climate neutrality by 2050. The EU cosmetic industry welcomes the Green Deal and its goals but also recognizes the challenges related to the expected outcome.

The initiative directly impacts cosmetic ingredients and packaging. Now, the new approach of companies would be investing in cosmetic raw materials and packaging, which are safe for consumers and sustainable for the environment by design and their lifecycle. Implementation of new environment-friendly activities would be essential. The industry is expecting a holistic assessment based on scientific evidence of the environmental impact caused by cosmetic and personal care products, which are essential for any human being.

Innovation is certain and the cosmetics industry will continuously deliver products that are safe, compliant and effective. The cosmetics industry itself is very dynamic and it plays a big role while we think about environmental initiatives. Shifting to low or zero greenhouse gas emissions requires radical change throughout all sectors. And it’s expected that the cosmetic industry as a whole should be perceived as a great contributor towards the green goal. Well, many of the regulations have subsided as the European Green Deal. It is still under an initial phase, but the Regulatory change in the cosmetics or consumer industry as a whole is about to happen. To know more about the European Green Deal and other Regulatory updates and support get in touch with our experts at Freyr


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