The Brazilian Association of personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics (ABIHPEC) announced a Regulatory revolution for the Brazilian cosmetics industry. The Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) has modified resolution RDC 07/2015 to simplify the regulations put on children products. The reformed resolution removes the obligation of registering the product before launching it into the market. The changes are a result of the public consultations on the technical and administrative requirements applicable to the Brazilian market’s cosmetic products.

The main change in the resolution is the registration exemption of the children’s products from the compulsory registration. As per the agency, the products which still require registration for being placed in the market are sunscreens, insect repellents, hair straighteners and antiseptic gels for the hands. The reason for discarding the registration of children’s products is that they are low-risk products, hence, registration is not required. ANVISA has assured that the changes will not affect the safety of the children. This change could be a step towards enhancing innovation for Brazil cosmetics industry.

The resolution of RDC 07/2015 was extremely important for the consumers to access high-quality health products. The Brazilian personal care industry will also be benefitted with the changes as it will attract a number of novel products. According to the ANVISA, the administrative processes will also be simplified, and the Brazilian sector will eventually align with global industry in terms of low-risk products. The amendments will reinforce the need to increase in-market control.

The modifications are meant to affect only the administrative procedures, not the technical procedures. This means the manufacturers will still have to fulfill the technical requirements of ANVISA provided under RDC 15/15.

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