Marketing promotions and advertisements in Pharmaceuticals are information of nexus where research concepts are transformed into realistic therapeutic tools, and information is made useful for different sectors in the Health care system. Every year pharmaceutical companies spend a large part of their revenues on promotions and advertising for the successful launch of pharmaceutical products. These promotions and advertising are important sources of public health information that significantly impact consumer choice and behavior. Companies produce misleading drug advertisements on the edge of winning the race with other competitors.

To keep a check on misleading drug advertisements, FDA acts as a promo police and ensures that misleading drug advertisements are reduced. Recently as an example, on November 17, 2022, USA FDA issued warning letters to seven (07) companies. FDA alleges that the post is misleading because it “prominently communicates” that dietary supplements can cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent cardiovascular disease and related conditions such as atherosclerosis, stroke, or heart failure with dietary supplements. These companies have neither ensured their claims nor proved the proper dosage, how they could interact with FDA-approved drugs or other substances, or whether they have serious side effects or additional safety concerns.

The FDA advises its consumers to be vigilant about this type of misleading drug advertisements and promotions and to always take guidance from a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare providers before purchasing or using any dietary supplement or drug. These warning letters from FDA demonstrate “through comprehensive surveillance” to prevent publishing misleading information and outright fallacies in drug commercials. To avoid these sorts of delusions pharmaceutical companies are suggested to undergo a thorough review of promotional products before they are made public and published to respective Regulatory authorities.

Therefore, drug manufacturers should be watchful while they plan their promotional and advertising material. They should ensure that this promotional material complies with local advertising and promotional laws. Freyr can help you avoid such warning letters from Health Authorities with its immense experience in reviewing and creating compliant advertising and promotional material. Get in touch with Freyr now!


Sonalli Ganguly


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